Are you ready to add rowing to your fitness toolbox, but you’re not confident that you know how to teach it correctly and safely? 


You’ve seen that:

  • thousands of people bought rowing machines in the pandemic and want help to learn how to use them
  • investors are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into rowing machines and related technology (Peloton, Zwift, and so many more)
  • rowing gyms and programs are popping up everywhere, in person and online
  • military, law enforcement, and other agencies are adding rowing as a key physical fitness option


Does this sound familiar?

  • “I want to get hired to coach rowing, but I don’t have any way to prove that I’m qualified to do it.”
  • “I see people rowing horribly in the gym. I want to help them, but I don’t want to give them bad or incorrect advice.”
  • “It’s been a dream of mine to teach. I need to perfect my form and learn how to coach effectively.”
  • “I’ve been teaching for a while but I feel like I’m getting less effective at it. I’m so sick of my own cues and the way I’ve been teaching. I need fresh ideas!” 

Rowing is being called “the future of fitness.”

The opportunity in the sport has never been bigger, but so is the competition. 


Imagine if you could:

- Be that one trainer EVERYONE comes to for rowing  

- Use rowing to set yourself apart from everyone else in this crowded fitness market so you stand out and GET HIRED.

- Earn an income you can count on, month after month, WITHOUT having to spend every waking hour in the gym or on Zoom

- Teach booked-out classes, with a waiting list!

- Turn your passion for rowing into a profitable side hustle, or maybe even a new career


The UCanRow2/Concept2 Online Indoor Rowing Instructor Seminar

The world’s ONLY live-coached virtual rowing certification seminar

For fitness professionals, rowing coaches and rowing lovers who are ready to level up their income and their impact. From Concept2’s preferred certification provider.

This is the same program we’ve used for 12+ years to teach thousands of fitness professionals in our in-person seminars.

Now we've up-leveled it with additional content, and taken it online so it's available from the comfort of your rowing machine, wherever you are in the world.


Become the Go-To Coach for Rowing

Get the confidence and credibility you need to help your clients finally meet their fitness goals.


In two half-days, from wherever you are in the world, you will learn:

The UCanRow2 Coaching Framework
Our unique model for how best to understand the rowing stroke and teach it to new rowers, without overwhelm or complication.

How to properly teach technique
A deep dive on the rowing machine, the rowing stroke, and all the details involved in rowing technique. With coaching from our world-class master instructors on your own technique!

Programming Basics
Coaching styles, class types, programming considerations and basic workout formats, including how you could develop progressive programs

The most concise and effective cues for correcting technique errors and helping your athletes get the most from their stroke

Learn how to approach specific pieces and events with a plan and then we’ll put it all together in a big workout for the day, covering a variety of programming options.


You'll also get:

- Coaching in small breakout rooms with our world-class master instructors. Get customized technique tips to improve your own stroke and practice coaching with your peers.

- A moderated panel of multiple master instructors where we'll answer all your questions about the coaching and business sides of rowing-based fitness.

- Pre-recorded info: Available at all times, watch detailed videos on UCanRow2 and Concept2 services, more info on programming, machine details, client types, how to be an online coach, tons of drills, and more.


Meet Your Head Coach


  • Concept2 Master Instructor / UCanRow2 Lead Master Instructor
  • Starting Strength Coach
    Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
  • More than 20 years experience rowing and coaching rowing

Cassi will be joined for our small-group coaching by other members of our master-instructor team. Our master instructors have a combined 200+ years of rowing and coaching experience. The only way to get access to this breadth of experience is in our online seminars. 

Want to know what’s behind those super-successful trainers and rowing instructors? They have the TRAINING, CONFIDENCE and contagious PASSION for rowing-based fitness that makes people flock to them.

In more than a decade teaching thousands of fitness professionals, rowing coaches and rowing lovers just like you, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to be a rockstar coach.

Now we want to give you that same training, confidence and credibility so that YOU can also level up your income and your impact.

That's me, I'm in!




Dec 2, 2023

Sat (8am - 4pm ET)  

Early Bird Promo: $395

Regular Price: $495

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Self-Paced Instructor Training

Anytime | On Your Schedule

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Billy Lusk

Having two master instructors reviewing my rowing and giving me feedback, along with the great feedback and interactions with other students, made taking this course worth every second. I recommend this course 100%. Thanks to the entire UCanRow2 team for putting on an amazing class and for providing such a tremendously valuable experience.

Rajiv Panikkar

Energetic, friendly and knowledgeable instructors.  Compassionate and good role models as coaches. Values were clear. Objectives were clear. Support was evident.

Lauren Gammon

I thought it was great! Even for being virtual, it was incredibly thorough and personal. I received great personal feedback (which I immediately applied to my rowing) and it was wonderful to connect with others around the country and world. It was also so helpful in training my eye for what to look for and how I can apply it to my own rowing and others.

More Revenue - More Impact

Get everything you need to start teaching classes and personal training sessions that will get your clients results, and keep you fully booked, whether online or in person.

What Our Past Students Say About The Training

Alicia Clark

"I loved it all! Even with my rowing experience I was able to listen to the learn-to-row section to learn how to cue and teach it. I was never bored, and the breakout sessions were at good spots in the day to help break it all up."

Julie Brown-Georgi 

"I thought the two-day virtual format was fantastic. Cassi and Nell were fantastic and I liked having two different instructors because it gives me a chance to learn different approaches/perspectives/phrases/explanations etc."

Lauren Gammon

"Thank y'all so much for putting on such a great program that benefits me EVERY TIME I row. Ever since I took your course, I've been incredibly cognizant of my form, timing and I'm way better at recognizing form issues in others. It's crazy to watch some of the bigger indoor rowers row with HORRIBLE form! I never knew! And my times have already significantly improved, mostly because I'm rowing more efficiently now, so thank y'all for everything!"

Shauna Hammer 

Certified Leadership Coach | CPU Certified Powerlifting Coach 

The master instructors were truly wonderful.  
I am so happy this was delivered online, making it accessible from afar, and I will definitely go back and review the videos several times. 
It was nice knowing they would be available for later so that I could focus on listening, knowing I could take notes when I review the material later. 

Susan Van Abs

"Don't hesitate! Sign up now! This is one of the best training sessions I have ever done. Also the best use of Zoom! So much fun and am learning a lot."

Dave Wykes

Thank you so much to you and your team for such a memorable experience. The dedication from everyone within your business is second to none. I am beyond excited about the future as an indoor rowing coach and what can be done to help people of all abilities.

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There has never been a better time to add “certified rowing instructor” to your resume. 

With gyms reopening, the market is flooded with trainers trying to capitalize on the growth in rowing.

Being certified to teach one of the fastest-growing fitness modalities will give you a leg up against the competition.

And what modality better than rowing? COVID-19 has taught us that staying on top of our health is critical.  The rowing machine is the perfect tool, IF you teach it correctly.


Indoor rowing is growing so quickly, there’s a shortage of certified instructors!

As a certified indoor rowing instructor, you will find yourself in high demand, able to teach anywhere you want - including online!

As a gym owner with certified instructors, you will find your classes or coaches booked up with people ready to row their way towards greater fitness and health.

You’ll be able to provide a safe and effective rowing experience to every client who entrusts their fitness experience to you.

You’ll be able to grow your business, bring in more revenue and maximize client results.

Linda S.

"Highly recommend! The row certification was thorough, educational, fun and well organized. It was money and time well spent." 

Jeff Prejean - Alexandria, LA

“Awesome course at an awesome price. “It’s a no brainer for anyone who is serious about teaching the proper technique for rowing – as well as spreading the love for indoor rowing!”

Melissa Leon – Red Bank, NJ

"One of the best clinics I have ever attended. I loved the workouts & really learned SO much.”

We keep our trainings small to give you a better learning experience. Enrollment is limited and our trainings fill quickly.

Given the current economic situation we are offering a reduced earlybird rate for this course.

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