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"This is what is missing in the rowing world. Congrats! I loved the videos - just long enough, just enough printed cues, and LOVE the variations introduced. ... This will be my go-to. THANK YOU!"


"Excellent workout. The progressions worked well for me despite my lapse in strength training. Should help to get me refocused."

- Ann


Do you want, or need to add strength training to your rowing but you’re not sure how to go about it so that you both stay safe AND GET STRONGER?

Think of any of the fit, vibrant, healthy people in your world that you look up to. Chances are, they have what you want, right?


They're strong in the gym and on the rower, and even more than that they're full of LIFE. Never mind their workouts, they're out doing ALL the things the rest of the day, too!


NOTHING seems to stop them. Not even mid-life or menopause.


They're not just physically healthy, they're EMPOWERED.


They hold their heads higher, they attack every day with positive energy, and they radiate confidence.


Is it a coincidence that those confident, energetic, positive people are also strong?


It's NO coincidence!


 We've seen it time and again: People who build their strength become fearless and feisty beyond their workouts, too.  And it can do the same for you!


If you're like so many people we've spoken to recently, they're feeling more like their rowing and fitness aren't what they used to be, or what they COULD be.


If that's you, too, you're not alone! 


 Does this sound familiar?


  • My times were so much better when I was younger. What can I do to get faster besides just row more?”


  • The pandemic stole my fitness and now I have to start over. HELP!”


  • I need to get serious about getting in shape. I love rowing but I get lost when I try to come up with an actual PLAN.”   


  • Menopause. UGH! It changes EVERYTHING. I know cardio alone isn’t enough anymorebut how do I get started with strength training?”


  • “I know I need to do strength training for my bone density, but I don't want to miss out on my rowing!"


We totally get it! The rowing machine can absolutely transform your body AND your life. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, and it’s been that way for us, too!


But we also know that YOU know that cardio of any kind - even rowing! - will only get you so far and strength training is the way to get to the next level ASAP!

The Reality Is:


 If you want to be fit and healthy for your WHOLE life, especially as you age, you have to add progressive strength training to your rowing workouts.


Want to know what’s behind those rowers who stay fit and even hit new health and fitness goals into their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond?

They’re doing workouts with a PURPOSE. Ones that help them get stronger so they’re not just fit for rowing, they’re fit for LIFE.  



Through decades teaching thousands of rowers just like you, we've learned what it takes to really make progress. Random rowing workouts are fine if all you want to do is get your sweat on and destress from the day.


But when it comes time to take your fitness to the next level, it’s STRENGTH that’s going to make the difference. Not only will it make you a more powerful, faster rower, but it will also empower you in LIFE.  


People who go into mid- or later life feeling and looking their best have learned that rowing COMBINED WITH strength training is the secret sauce for aging well.  


They know that strength training helps maintain your bone density and revs your metabolism. Rowing improves your cardiovascular and general health, as well as being a magic elixir for stress management.


People who are living their best, fittest lives even as they get older are INTENTIONAL about their workout program, and they’re not afraid to turn to the experts for support. 


They don’t grab one-off workouts from random online trainers expecting that to be enough to help them rediscover their strength, finally feel POWERFUL on the rowing machine, or beat back the effects of menopause. 


You shouldn’t either. You deserve better.


It’s not that you can’t row and build strength too (regardless of how old you are), it’s just that you haven’t learned how to put the two together in a way that will help you make progress with both!





A Proven Training Program for Rowers to Build Strength You Can See and Feel, Row Better and Faster, WITHOUT Spending Hours Working Out!  

...or Your Money Back!

  • Build the strength you've been dreaming of, safely, progressively, and with guidance along the way so it sticks.
  • Discover the best strength workouts to make YOU a stronger and more powerful rower.
  • Learn how to modify strength exercises so they're perfect for you right now, AND progress them as you get stronger! 
  • Finally see your rowing splits drop AND build your engine so you can row for longer.
  • Feel more like your pre-menopausal self again
  • Know you've still got what it takes to do the activities you love  


RowStrong isn't just a random collection of workouts. It's a first-of-its-kind progressive TRAINING PLAN to help you get better at rowing and lifting AT THE SAME TIME.


Other programs help you work on rowing OR building your strength. This is the first online training program that puts the two TOGETHER, specifically for the beginner to intermediate athlete.


What's Inside RowStrong:

  • 30 progressive workouts, 2 strength, 2 rowing and one rowing + strength circuit per week

  • Options for bodyweight or dumbbell exercises for each strength move. You choose what's right for you!

  • Demo videos for each strength exercise, with guidance on how to make each move easier or harder.
  • A full printable program guide with direction on how to do each workout, trackers, intensity guides, additional workout tips, and more

  • An app version of the program, with each week's workouts broken out in separate sections so you know EXACTLY what to do when

  • A Facebook group for ongoing support, camaraderie, and accountability 

  • Optional one-on-one coaching support, including rowing and lifting form checks

Join RowStrong Today and Also Get:

  • The Drills Vault: Row along with our coaches and perfect your rowing technique. All the best drills to level up your technique in one place (Value $47)
  • The Exercise Vault: Demo videos for the strength exercises at your fingertips!  (Value: $47)
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Cassi has almost 25 years of both rowing and coaching experience. She is passionate about simplifying the rowing stroke and helping people row as effectively as possible. As both a masters rower and competitive powerlifter, she focuses on sharing the benefits of training for both conditioning and strength. 

UCanRow2 Lead Master Rowing Instructor
Barbell Medicine Coach
Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
Certified Powerlifting Coach
Precision Nutrition PN-1
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Started rowing in 2011 at Purdue University on the crew team, and I fell in love with rowing! Fast forward to post graduation, I kept an active lifestyle and started doing CrossFit in 2018. I saw a huge need for better rowing in that community, so I decided to become a certified indoor rowing instructor and CF-L1 trainer. I’ve been coaching in-person and online since June of 2020, with a focus on combining rowing with strength training exercises. My favorite part about the rowing machine is that it’s suitable to all levels of fitness. A beginner can get just as good of a workout as an experienced athlete!

UCanRow2 Master Instructor
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Girls Gone Strong Women’s Coaching Specialist



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