“I just finished my first workout and I LOVED it!"

I got my Concept2 and scoured all of YouTube to learn about all the things but there were many things I still had questions about. Those questions were answered in my first workout with UCanRow2.

You’ve tried it this way:
  • Rowing alone and quickly getting bored and frustrated, wishing you had someone to guide and motivate you
  • Doing the random rowing workouts that pop up on your social media feed, only to find you’re not making progress towards your goals and feel stuck
  • Trying rowing because you know that fitness is key for longevity, only to realize you’re not finding workouts that are right for you
  • Following the rowing influencers that “everyone” recommended, only to realize you didn’t like their style 
Here’s what’s possible:
  • Actually enjoying working out on your rowing machine, and finally doing it consistently
  • Doing a double-take when you catch a glimpse of your strong self in the mirror
  • Experiencing the power and confidence that come with reaching your fitness goals, no matter your age or stage
  • Being the example of health for your friends and family 
You’re smart! Here’s what you know:
  • You know that rowing is one of the BEST exercises you can do, particularly in midlife and beyond
  • You know it’s total-body fitness that will give you as much or as little challenge as you need
  • You know rowing is gentle on your joints, which means you get a great workout without the impact of other activities like running 
  • You know working out consistently is essential for aging well and maintaining and active lifestyle
You also know you want someone to follow through your whole workout

You don’t have to take classes in person, but you need more structure and someone to guide you through your workout. Both so you’re sure to get it done and so you actually put effort into it.

Maybe your time to work out is super limited? You can’t find a class that works with your schedule? Or you’re not sure if you’re doing it right?

But you also know that…

If you don’t get on track with your workouts NOW, you’ll be stuck where you are, not making progress towards your goals or worse, LOSING GROUND AND LOSING TIME. 

And your goal is to THRIVE, not just survive!

We get it! That’s why we’re inviting you to join UCanRow2 on Demand

UCanRow2 on Demand is guided rowing and strength workouts and workout programs that meet you where you are and take you as far as you want to go. It’s follow-along fitness for your goals, your fitness level, and your schedule, created by world-class experts.


I love rowing along with Cassi!

She's the perfect balance of information and encouragement without over-talking so I can focus on what I'm doing. Can't wait to re-row this workout and for the next video!

UCanRow2 on Demand

Follow-along rowing and strength workouts created by experts to help you row consistently and confidently, getting the results you want, on your schedule

Join now and get the lowest price we’ll EVER offer, for life!


This is fitness in the palm of your hand for just PENNIES a day. Less than what you’d pay for ONE workout at most studios. And you can cancel at any time. 


UCanRow2 on Demand is for you if:
  • You know what to do but need motivation to stay consistent
  • You want expert-designed workouts you know will get the job done
  • You’re just getting started on the machine and want to be sure you’re doing it right 
  • You need someone to follow through the whole workout 
  • You want a program that will lead you to a GOAL, not just random workouts
  • You want to be guided by a certified coach with experience teaching people like you
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